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Bridal and Wedding Collection

We can manufacture special items for special occasions, bridal and wedding Jewellery requests.

We love Swarovski crystal beads in our jewellery making, simply beacause they are the best.
Swarovski crystals are second to none for glitter and sparkle.

The color range available is perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride looking for color co-ordination.
Swarovski crystals come in an extensive color range.
We prefer the AB design crytals for our jewellery making which are available in all colors.

Our freshwater pearls are sourced and imported direct from the best pearl farms in China.
Our Pearls are forever perfectly fashionable and romantic.
Timeless and valued as sentimental keepsakes from generation to generation Freshwater Pearls are simply the most loved and traditional of all Pearls not only because they are affordable but because they are just that little bit more contemporary than the round cultured pearl variations.
Freshwater pearls are always elegant and thier softness is romantic for weddings.
Freshwater pearls are also fashionable and perfect for Debutants, or simply gorgeous for all your fashion jewellery. 
Enjoy the beautiful richness of natural freshwater pearls. 
Each Pearl is Unique!

We are happy to make all our designs using glass or shell pearls as a cheaper alternative to our genuine premium freshwater pearls in our jewellery making when requested.

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